How to Improve Your Social Networking Skills

Improving social networking skills

Social networking skills help in connecting with people online and maintaining strong relationships. Whether you want to connect with people socially or to expand your business contacts, these social networking tips are sure to help.

Username Ideas

Interesting usernames

With so many people using the Internet, one has to come up with original username ideas because so many of them are already taken! So what would you use as your username on your email id?

About Me Ideas

Idea for 'About Me' by Emo Philips

Are you looking for some interesting and cute ‘about me ideas’ for a social networking website that will help say a lot about you? The following article will cover ideas that you can use to tell the world a lot about yourself.

Cool Things To Do Online

Cool things to do online

Apart from surfing the Internet and shopping, there are many other cool things to do online when you are bored. This Buzzle article presents you with a list of things to do online, which has been designed to ensure that you’ll…

Understanding the Theory of Social Network

Theory of social network

A social network is the construct or structure that exists between interacting individuals or organizations. This post explains the social network theory, which focuses on the nature of these interactions, and their impacts on the…

7 Social Interaction Sites like Meetme

Social interaction sites like Meetme

Irrespective of whether you are young, old, whatever your national origin or religion, there are numerous social networking sites available that can help you to find new people or friends. MeetMe and many other sites similar to it…

8 Popular Sites Like Reddit

Alternatives to Reddit

Reddit has been known to keep its viewers up-to-date on all the latest trends. But why depend on a single website for all your needs? Check out some popular sites that have a similar approach like Reddit.

Top 10 Alternatives to Facebook

Alternatives to Facebook

Facebook almost revolutionized the way two individuals interacted online with each other. However, we humans have a tendency to always look for newer stuff and can never settle down on anything for long! And Facebook too, is no…

Best Ways to Find a Long-lost Friend

Finding a long lost friend

Friendship is forever, you can almost always get back to your friendship; time and distance not being a hindrance here. If you have lost your friend a long time ago and are thinking of rekindling the friendship, this Buzzle article…

What Motivates People to Share Online?

Motivation for sharing online

Over the past few years, there has been a tremendous surge in the number of people sharing content online. In this article on Buzzle, we will try to understand the motivating factors for people to share content online.

Popular Niche-centric Social Networking Sites

Popular niche social networking sites

Today, Facebook and Google+ are amongst the most popular social networking sites around. These sites have a huge impact and presence on the social networking scene. However, there are a few other lesser-known sites which operate in…

Top Social Networking Sites

Top social networking websites

With some of the best social networking websites vying for the top spot, it is very difficult to come to a consensus on which of these sites is the best. Given below are the details of top 10 social networking sites which have made…

Things You Should Not Post on Social Networking Sites

It is mind-boggling how social networking has become a virtual goldmine of information on anyone and everyone. It helps you stay connected, and keeps you informed about one and all… Perhaps a little too much for your own comfort….

Does Social Networking Cause Depression?

Social networking is meant to keep us connected to each other right? So, how could increasing your interaction with others possibly be making you depressed? Um, may be it is. Want to know how? Well, stop tweeting and Facebooking…

Pinterest for Home Ideas

If you haven’t heard of Pinterest, you should check it out. It’s a great place to get ideas for your home décor.

What does HMU Mean?

Acronyms are an interesting way of cutting down long words into a shorter, and an easier way of mentioning them. So what does HMU mean anyway? What does it have to do with Facebook?

How to Migrate from Facebook to Google+

Are you looking out for a change to migrate from Facebook to Google+? This article will guide you on how to migrate all your Facebook information to Google+. Let’s get started.

Is Social Networking Making Your Life Really Social?

The rise of social networks has brought people closer together, but is this genuine, or is it merely superficial? The following passage will show you, what I really think about the social proximity that these platforms have…

The Effects of Social Networking on Kids

There is no doubt that social networking has had both positive and negative impact on our lives. But how does it affect kids? This has been discussed in this article…

Is Making Friends Online Good or Bad?

The perception of good and bad differs for each and every person, a universal truth. But still you need to keep certain things in mind before you decide to make friends with a stranger on the web world.

Pros and Cons of Social Networking

Social networking sites are rapidly gaining popularity among the youth today. The basic purpose of these sites is to bring families and friends together. Along with the clear purpose of these sites, many people have also misused…

Social Networking Etiquette

Today, your conduct on social networking sites is probably more important than the real life one. In order to maintain your respect, following some simple yet necessary etiquette is extremely crucial.

Funny Status Updates

Funny lines for status updates, covered in the following article, will set your social media profile alight with humor.

Tips to Meet People Online

Our life has become very easy with the advancement of the Internet technology, since its launch. The facility to meet new people online, free of cost, is one of the advantages of the Internet revolution. Here are some tips to meet…

Fun Stuff To Do Online When You Are Bored

And you thought the Internet was used only for business communications and study references. Well, the article here helps you look beyond this and introduces you to a different side of the Internet which is a world of awesomeness,…

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